Foreign Nationals with Fan IDs Might Stay/Enter Till End of Year

17 July 2018 (09:15)

UrBC, Moscow, July 17, 2018. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at the end of the World Championship 2018 that foreign nationals bearing Fan IDs might be allowed multiple entry to Russia until the end of the year, the Kremlin’s website states.

‘I think we can do the following: the international football supporters who had their authorized Fan IDs issued to them could be allowed to enter the Russian Federation with no visa and as many times as they like unit the end of the year. I repeat, no visa would be necessary. I hope they will use this opportunity, quite a few of them, in any case, and will come to Russia again and again with their family and friends,’ Vladimir Putin said.

According to the President, the country’s international visitors got to know the Russian culture, cities, and people better during the World Championship 2018. So millions of people now have a different opinion of the country.

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