UBRD Comes 2nd in Markswebb’s Rating

12 July 2018 (09:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 12, 2018. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development (UBRD) recently scored very well in the rating of banks with best cash and settlement terms for SMEs.

According to the bank’s press service, the bank came second in Markswebb’s rating of banks with best terms and conditions for b2b customers and retailers.

The bank doesn’t charge a business any commission for the transferral of paychecks to the employees’ accounts; nor is there a fee for applying for and using the e-banking services. The bank’s b2b customers based in Moscow and Moscow Region only pay RUR 18,868 a year (RUR 1,572 a month), which is much less than what the country’s top five banks charge their customers.

‘As for retailers, Markswebb states that acquiring commissions make up 68% of their annual service fee. The UBRD can offer these customers a range of appealing options that will help a store increase its revenues and attract new customers. The acquiring fee comes to only 1% if you use the UBRD card and to 1.6% for all other cards. If the store owner also runs a website, you can apply for the Internet acquiring service for the flat rate of 1.9%; you also get a personalized user account free of charge so that you can control your revenues online. Additionally, all of the bank’s customers using acquiring service can enjoy preferential terms on lending secured with cash in their account; this loan (upper limit: RUR 1m) can come in handy if you need to make a large purchase urgently,’ the bank’s press service says.

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