MMK Groupís Ogneupor Completes Rotary Furnace Overhaul

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, July 11, 2018. MMK Groupís Ogneupor completed the overhaul of its Rotary Furnace 2 at the Chamotte Ware Department ahead of schedule, MMK Groupís Information & PR Department reports.

The department in question makes chamotte that is used for making refractory items. The overhaul began as early as the end of April and was to have been completed in forty-five days, but everything was actually ready by June 5. The plant provided enough chamotte beforehand to supply to Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), the main customer of refractories, and to the external customers.

The Chamotte Ware Department now has two rotary furnaces that turn clay into chamotte, the primary filler for fire-bricks that are used to line up steel-smelting machines. With both furnaces at full load, the department produces nearly 10,000,000 kg of chamotte a month.

Ogneupor makes some 12,000,000 kg of aluminosilicate refractories a month, with over 890 different varieties on offer. Chamotte Ware Departmentís Rotary Furnace 1 got overhauled last year.

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