ChelPipe Group Makes Induction Bends for Nuclear Power Plant

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, July 2, 2018. ChelPipe Group’s SOT now makes a new type of product for the nuclear power industry: the plant made a set of induction bends (diameter: 219 mm; layer thickness: 11 mm) from stainless steel for the first time. The eighteen bends will be used for the construction of Belorusskaya Nuclear Power Station and have already been delivered to customer, the Group’s press service reports.

‘The fact that our customers in the nuclear industry trust us with important orders is the best proof of our product’s outstanding quality. We are grateful to our partners for the confidence they have in us,’ says ChelPipe Group’s Tech Director Kirill Nikitin.

‘The new product on the market opens up mind-blowing prospects for the Group. We intend to keep expanding our product range and to supply our customers with ever more stainless induction bends.’

To meet the customer’s demands, the Group’s white-coated metallurgists had to do a lot of preparatory work first. They mastered new ways of heating the bends, since the usual heating and bending mode results in stainless steel cracking; they also developed special software for making beveled edges with the needed geometrical parameters on NC mills. Finally, the plant workers underwent special training and got certified and qualified for making goods for the nuclear industry.

The entire set of bends got examined by experts at Rosenergoatom’s VPO ZAES, the special-purpose certification authority. The experts rated SOT bends quite high and said the produce met all of the nuclear industry normative requirements.

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