Sberbank Uses FIFA Trademark Unlawfully

28 June 2018 (09:12)

UrBC, Moscow, June 28, 2019. Russia’s Sberbank recently introduced a special deposit type that mentions the World Football Championship 2018; the mention had never been coordinated with the FIFA, Vedomosti refers to its own sources as stating.

The morning after Russia’s national team beat Saudi Arabia 5:0 in the very first World Cup game, Sberbank launched its special Win Deposit with an increased interest rate and promised in its press release on June 15 that the deposit would remain on offer if and for as long as the Russian team makes it to the play off and stays in the game.

‘Sberbank never had the mention of the World Cup authorized by the FIFA, the actual owner of the World Football Championship 2018 trademark,’ the source told the newspaper.

According to the source, the FIFA notified Sberbank of the need to eliminate the mention last week. The bank had any reference to the championship removed from its website but its ad still relies on the football terminology: ‘Round of 16 Isn’t The Limit’, the website describing the deposit says. There is also an image of a bear to go with the slogan.

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