Bank of Russia to Combat Fake World Cup Ticket-Selling Sites

4 May 2018 (09:23)

UrBC, Moscow, May 4, 2018. The Bank of Russia is going to work to close down fake World Cup ticket-selling websites this year, the regulatory body’s official site states.

‘The Bank of Russia and the FIFA agreed to cooperate, with the FIFA directing any data about fake ticket-selling sites to the bank’s FinCERT (the center for monitoring of and reacting to cyber attacks in the finance sector). FinCERT will then be in charge of having these websites blocked,’ the website states.

Russia’s Central Bank was authorized to have cyber frauds blocked at the end of 2016. The bank has brought down 25 fake websites so far, all of which tried to steal money from customers by offering them tickets for the World Cup games.

‘The FIFA’s official website is the only online resource that can sell tickets to the World Football Championship games. All other websites are fakes,’ the bank says.

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