SKB-Bank Completes QuickPay Prototype

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 11, 2018. SKB-Bank completed its QuickPay System prototype and had the new system certified successfully, the bank’s press service reports.

FinTech and the Bank of Russia have already presented SKB-Bank’s new concept that will allow for one-tap transactions with only your phone number, your email address, or other simple ID. QuickPay transactions will now be available through social networks, messenger services, online shops, and mobile banking systems.

‘SKB-Bank is a proactive participant in this project alongside a number of other FinTech Association member banks. The bank has now come up with a complete QuickPay prototype of its own and had it certified. Thanks to this system, it will only take a click to make a money transfer,’ the press service says.

FinTech Association’s Supervisory Board decided that the National Payment Card System should act as the QuickPay System’s operation, payment, and clearing center. QuickPay will be made available to end users as soon as in 2019; the introduction of the system is an important new stage in the national finance market’s development and a crucial part of digitalizing Russia’s economy, SKB-Bank’s representatives believe.

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