SKB-Bank Joins Golden Crown

23 October 2012 (09:54)

October 23, 2012. Starting today, a money order via the Golden Crown system can be made at any of SKB-Bank’s offices. This is a money order system that does not require the user to set up a bank account and that operates over 32,000 terminals around Russia and the CIS. The Golden Crown money orders are fast and affordable, the bank’s press service reports.

The system’s other peculiarity is that there is no need for a specific mailing address: the sender only needs to indicate the country and the city where the money is going, and the person who is to get the money can choose the most conveniently located terminal him- or herself. To get the money, one only needs one’s passport and the money order tracking number. The money orders are made in rubles, dollars, and euros.

In fact, money orders are a popular banking service with Russians: according to surveys, every one in five citizens uses the system to receive or send money from time to time. Banking statistics prove that the demand for this service is high: SKB-Bank processes over 3,000 money orders of its customers daily. The transactions are made using a number of payment systems, including the bank’s own money order system called Double-Time: this system allows one to send or receive up to 500,000 RUR at a time.

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