SKB Bank proves one of Russia’s most important banks

31 March 2015 (17:51)

March 31, 2015. The Bank of Russia carried a rating of banks that are important players in the payment services sector; there are fifty-one businesses on the list, including SKB Bank, the bank’s press service reports.

Under the Bank of Russia’s Decree 3439U (dated November 6, 2014), a bank is classed as an important payment services market player if its share of credit/debit card transactions, the number of credit cards issued, or the number of ATMs, POS terminals, and imprinters in one of Russia’s federal districts comes to more than 2% of the total number of those.

Under the National Payment System Act, such banks must join the national payment card system and set up coordination channels with the system’s operating center and clearing center in accordance with the system regulations.

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