Road Police Demand 3,500 Highway Problem Spots Be Fixed

10 May 2018 (09:28)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, May 10, 2018. Sverdlovsk Region’s road police are paying closer attention to the condition of local roads and highways now the spring has set in, their press service reports.

The focus is on the streets provided for bus routes and high-speed highways.

In the last two weeeks, road construction companies have been allocated more than 3,500 problem spots that need fixing; 648 warrants have beens issued, as well as thirteen administrative offense reports relating to Article 19.5 of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (Failure to Meet An Authorized Government Surveillance Official’s Lawful Demand). Additionally, seventy-five offense reports have been issued relating to Article 12.34 of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (Failure to Comply with Road Safety Regulations When Building, Reconstructing, Repairing, or Maintaining Roads).

Finally, eleven offense reports and 92 warrants relating to problem areas within Yekaterinburg’s urban transit system have been issued as well.

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