Yekaterinburg: Number of Rental Apartments Doubles for World Cup Days

20 April 2018 (09:39)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 20, 2018. The online travel service OneTwoTrip looked into Yekaterinburg’s rental market supply to see what was on offer for the World Football Championship days in June.

‘It turns out 54% of accommodation options got entered into the booking system within the last six months (between November 2017 and April 2018), which implies over a half of potential rentals for the World Cup days are either not regular-basis rental properties or rental homes that landlords did not ever advertise online,’ the service says.

The pricing policies also look interesting. Out of nearly 500 apartments on offer, only 7% of landlords are asking for under RUR 15,000 a day. Another 40% of offers fall within RUR 15,000 to RUR 30,000 price range. The remaining 53% of accommodation options are advertised for RUR 30,000 a day or more. This means landlords are planning to make several times more money during these peak-demand days than they would during an entire month, under normal market conditions.

‘There really are quite a few home owners out there who intend to leave the town for the time of the championship and rent their apartments out. You can easily find such offers through an online search. First, they haven’t got any reviews yet since they were only added very recently. Next, the ad’s focus is on the location (proximity to the stadium). Finally, the photos provided of the apartment indicate that these are not really rental properties but regular homes. Whether these home owners will actually be able to make money off football supporters remains to be seen. Prices are exorbitant even by Western standards, so there hasn't been much demand for these offers so far,’ says OneTwoTrip Hotel Sector Director Maxim Karaush.

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