Sverdlovsk Region: Butter, Cheese, Canned Meat Adulterated Alarmingly Often

28 March 2018 (11:07)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 28, 2018. Cheese, butter, and canned dairy foods were the products that got adulterated most often in Sverdlovsk Region last year, the local division of Rospotrebnadzor (the consumer rights watchdog) states.

For one, 34.7% of locally sold butter turned out to be adulterated (compared with 31.5% in 2016), as well as 22.1% of cheese (compared with 18.5% in 2016). The percentage of adulterated canned meat was 41.8%, which is less than in 2016 (55.3%), but still alarmingly high.

As for canned dairy foods, 29.8% of locally sold items turned out to be adulterated last year (compared with 35.8% a year earlier), alongside with 22.5% of sausages (against 40.4%) and 19.4% of fish (against 34.6% in 2016).

All in all, inspections of 3,500 Sverdlovsk Region-based shops resulted in more than 5,000 administrative offense reports and 365 selling bans. 11 businesses’ licenses got annulled. Also, RUR 61.264m had to be paid in all kinds of administrative fines.

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