ChelPipe Groupís Revenues Up 17% in 2017

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, March 14, 2018. ChelPipe Group carried its financial report for the year 2017; the report has been drawn up along the International Accounting Standards, the company press service reports.

The Groupís revenues rose by 17% in 2017 compared with one year earlier and amounted to RUR 158.257bn. Its gross profits declined by 6%, however, and reached RUR 37.572bn, while the companyís EBITDA also declined by 16%, down to RUR 23.639bn.

ĎOur EBITDA was affected by dropping home sales and increased production costs. Our EBITDA margin declined by 5.8% and thus came to 14.9%. At the same time, the Groupís net operating cash flow amounted to RUR 17.885bn last year (compared with RUR 13.41bn in 2016). Our net profit decreased by 37%, down to RUR 4.032bn,í the press service says.

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