ChTPZ Groupís revenues go up 14% in 2014

April 28, 2015. ChTPZ Groupís revenues rose by 14% in 2014 compared with the year 2013 and amounted to 128,123m RUR, the companyís press service reports.

The Groupís gross profit went up by 31%, its EBITDA increased by 25% and came to 22,741m RUR. The companyís EBITDA profitability rose by 1.5% and thus reached 17.7%.

Even though the groupís sales were up last year on a year earlier, the operating performance results were badly affected by factors beyond the companyís control such as the unstable global economic situation, rising metal prices, and increased volatility of the foreign exchange market.

The Groupís net foreign exchange loss amounted to 3,677m RUR in 2014 against 989m RUR in 2013. As a result, the company incurred 1,216m RUR worth of losses in 2014 against 1,868m RUR in 2013. At the same time, the net operating cash flow came to 12,839m RUR against 5,248m RUR in 2013.

Overall pipe sales were up by 24% in comparison with the year 2013 and came to 2,073,000,000 kg. ChTPZ Groupís share of all the pipes supplied to customers by Russian pipe manufacturers came to 18%. This figure was due to growing domestic demand for large-diameter pipes and increased demand for OCTGs on the CIS markets.

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