MMK Repairs Central Work Wear Depot

1 March 2018 (09:53)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, March 1, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) recently completed repairing and remodeling its central work wear and footwear depot, the plant’s Information, PR & Advertising Department reports.

The renovation jobs were part of MMK Director-General Pavel Shilyayev’s special project; the goal was to improve the system of supplying the plant’s metallurgical workers with individual protective gear.

‘The old hangar that used to serve as a stock issue point has been replaced with a spacious, light-filled structure. New central heating and ventilation units were installed, as was a new lighting system for both the warehouse and the stock keepers’ desks. Visitors (around 200 people a day) will be able to use a queue management system and can also have a cup of tea or coffee or have a snack while waiting for their clothes. Incidentally, a new option has been introduced: you can now have your garments fitted specially for your height and build. There is a sewing machine operator working at the depot for this exact purpose, with all the necessary equipment in place,’ the plant says.

‘Our workers now get their outer protective garments with individual labels that indicate the date when a new set of clothes is due. This means we can now track these clothes’ lifecycle; this is also quite convenient for the workers, as they can better control their personal items of clothing and keep track of the exchanging routines,’ says MMK Director of Individual Protective Gear Supply Center Leonid Sokolov.

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