FGC UES Adjusts Workers’ Uniforms For Extra Low Temperatures

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 11, 2018. Federal Grid Company United Energy Systems is currently re-assessing its supply of workers’ protective gear and uniforms as part of the corporate job safety and occupational hazard control program. The company purchased over 1,000 sets of individual protective gear, including breathing protection devices for extremely low temperature conditions, FGC UES Western Siberia’s PR & Media Group reports.

‘The company’s Western Siberia division will soon be operating in anomalously cold weather: about fifteen degrees centigrade lower than the regular mean daily temperature for the season, which is much colder than Climate Normals,’ the press service says.

Special winter gear and uniforms have already been delivered onto the division’s substations and other facilities. The staff can now use new screening sets, electric shock hazard protection gear for induced-voltage operations, and special gear to protect them from the electric arc-related thermal risks. All the uniforms and gear have been made by Russian companies.

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