Flying to Russia 2.7 Times Costlier for Football Fans

UrBC, Moscow, February 27, 2018. Plane tickets the football fans interested in flying to Russia during the days of the Wold Football Championship of 2018 are now 2.7 times more expensive than usual, RIA Novosti refers to the booking service OneTwoTrip as stating.

‘Two parameters were taken into account. First, we found the cheapest offers on flights from the participating countries’ capitals to Moscow two months before the championship opens (April 14) and next, we did the same for offers on the opening day (June 14). Whereas April prices came to RUR 29,470 on average for thirty different countries, June ones rose by 37% and stood at RUR 40,400,’ OneTwoTrip explains.

Prices went up for 29 locations out of 30. Prices for Tokyo-Moscow flights were the only exception, as tickets for flights to be operated on June 14 are actually 21% less expensive than tickets for flights to be operated two months earlier. The price increase was the least pronounced for countries such as Korea, Panama, and Morocco (+7.7%, +9%, and +10%, respectively).

‘Flying to Moscow from the capitals of Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Iran, and Mexico will be over two times more expensive, with Mexico having the greatest price discrepancy. If you fly from Mexico City to Moscow on June 14, your ticket will cost you RUR 105,000 or more, which is 2.7 times more expensive than two months before the championship,’ the service says.

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