Yekaterinburg residents fly to Sochi less often

April 15, 2015. Sochi no longer remains a popular destination with Yekaterinburg travelers,’s research findings indicate.

‘Just like in the previous months, most flights operated from Yekaterinburg in March were bound for Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Sochi was in the third place in’s rating as recently as February, but now the bronze went to Krasnodar, with Sochi dropping to the 11th position. The city is now not even among the top ten most popular places to go to. The share of plane tickets for Sochi flights booked via dropped from 5.7% in February to 1.6% in March,’ says the company’s DG Dmitri Khrapov.

Khrapov explains flying to nearly all the popular tourist places became more expensive compared with a year earlier.

‘The prices of tickets booked through our service went up most noticeably for Krasnodar- and Sochi-bound flights: the increase amounted to over 35%. However, the average price of a ticket for Yekaterinburg-Moscow and Yekaterinburg-Saint Petersburg flight decreased by 15% and 5%, respectively,’ he says.

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