Jobs for Students at Akademicheskiy’s Construction Sites

19 February 2018 (09:31)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 19, 2018. Construction sites in Yekaterinburg’s Akademicheskiy District are welcoming students looking for part-time options for the ninth time this year, RSG-Akademicheskoye’s Director-General Victor Kisselev said at a recent press conference.

‘Akademicheskiy will keep expanding for many years to come. I think students both from Yekaterinburg and other parts of Russia will keep coming to work here. This experience is truly priceless, since many of the high-profile executives and managers actually started out as members of student builder teams. This company also focuses heavily on student involvement; we keep on trying out different options and recently allowed our student teams to remodel existing homes. The result was impressive enough for us to decide to make it a universal strategy in the entire area,’ Kisselev said.

According to Head of Sverdlovsk Oblast Student Team Leyla Rasulova, Akademicheskiy is currently one of the leading employers offering student jobs.

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