Akademicheskiy District Offers Summer Jobs for Students

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 28, 2017. Yekaterinburg’s Akademicheskiy District ran one of the country’s largest construction sites with summer jobs for students this year. The site closes on August 28, 2017, RSG Abademicheskoye’s press service reports.

This summer, the All-Russian Student Construction Site coordinated a contest to distinguish the best-performing builders’ teams. The winning teams will get valuable prizes, memorial banners, and certificates. The team that wins the greatest number of titles will get the All-Russian Student Construction Site Banner 2017.

This is the 8th time a student construction project gets coordinated this year. Over 160 students from 9 builders’ teams took part in it. Throughout July and August, they did building, assembly, and finishing jobs and were involved in housing repairs and urban improvements.

‘These summer workers are seen as full-fledged contributors to the process. They are conscientious and professionals workers who get paid well for their job. They made 45,000 RUR in 45 days of work on average, and the best-performing workers made up to 62,000 RUR,’ the press service says.

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