Mercedes-Benz Calls 1,500 Cars Off Russian Market

15 February 2018 (09:30)

UrBC, Moscow, February 15, 2018. Mercedes’s official representative on the Russian market Mercedes-Benz RUS is calling 1,480 Mercedes-Benz V-Klasse and VITO units off, Rosstandart’s website states.

The automobiles that are being called off are the ones sold in 2014 and 2015; the reason behind the decision is the possibility of airbags reacting to ‘false alarms’.

‘The driver’s airbag might get activated due to an electro-static discharge if the steering head doesn’t get earthed properly and the wiring tracks inside the wound springs in the understeering switches also get damaged. The driver will be informed of the damage to the wiring tracks through a control panel indicator as well as through an airbag indicator,’ the company explains.

The automobiles in question will get an additional jumper for the steering wheel shaft, and the retaining ring of the steering head’s electronic module will get an additional checkup.

All these jobs will be done at no extra cost for the car owners.

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