EVRAZ NTMK Launches Upgraded Coke Unit

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 13, 2017. EVRAZ Nizhniy Tagil Integrated & Metallurgical Works (NTMK) launched their recently upgraded coke dry-quenching plant in the course of a special solemn ceremony. This project required RUR 175m in investments, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Relations Center reports.

The launching ceremony took place at the opening of the 2nd International EcoTech 2017 Forum/Exhibition.

The plant got launched by Russia’s Minister for Natural Resources & Environment Sergey Donskoy and EVRAZ Vice President and head of EVRAZ Holding Ural Maxim Andriasov.

‘I would like to thank EVRAZ for a wonderful exhibition-opening gift, and I hope you keep on making new achievements: you have plenty of tasks to focus on in the future, and I am confident we will work very successfully together,’ Minister Donskoy said.

‘An upgrade of our coke dry-quenching unit is a very important project for Nizhniy Tagil because it will improve the quality of local air greatly: the plant’s harmful emissions will drop by 20%. We are particularly proud to be the first Russian company to introduce this technological solution; moreover, it was also designed locally,’ Maxim Andriasov said.

‘Our experts came up with the following solution: the gas that used to be burned and thus produced atmospheric emissions now gets filtered and transferred to a pipeline to be used for the company’s technological needs later on,’ EVRAZ NTMK Managing Director Alexei Kushnarev added.

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