66% of Yekaterinburg Residents Unhappy with Pay

28 November 2017 (15:25)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 28, 2017. Two-thirds of Sverdlovsk Oblast-based workers do not see their pay as adequate. HeadHunter’s analysts’ research findings indicate.

Only 2% of their respondents said they made enough money considering their qualification and needs. This is the same percentage as last year, actually. When broken down by professional skills, those happiest with their salaries and wages turned out to work in Fossils Extraction (39%), IT (33%), and Top Management (33%).

The number of those surveyed who don’t make enough to cover even the basic expenses rose from 35% in 2016 to 40% in 2017. 40% of this respondent group are 36 to 45 years old.

When asked how they deal with cash flow problems, 29% of respondents said they had extra jobs, 28% said their spouses supported them, and another 27% relied on their parents or other relatives. Every one in two people working in Science & Education (45%) has an extra job, as do 40% of those in the automobile business and 39% of those in the IT sector.

Both this year and last year, 79% of Sverdlovsk Oblast-based worker spend their pay mostly on food; for 40% of respondents, housing bills come second, and 32% also have to pay rent or make mortgage payments. Compared with last year, expenses related to buying clothes, entertainment, Internet and mobile bills, and beauty went up from 18% to 23%, from 14% to 15%, and from 5% to 9%, respectively. At the same time, people tend to spend less money on transportation and housing bills this year than one year earlier.

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