Ural Electrochemical Combine Funds Clinic Program in Novouralsk

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 27, 2017. Rosatom TVEL’s Ural Electrochemical Combine co-funded a ‘smart savings clinic’ program in Novouralsk, the company representative Konstantin Grabelnikov said in the course of a recent press tour.

The project is being implemented by Russia’s Healthcare Ministry in a number of pilot towns (mostly the ones with nuclear power facilities), including Novouralsk, since June 1, 2017.

‘The town’s old healthcare system wasn’t efficient enough, which meant there was a long wait for the patients. It was suggested that we could organize the process along the lines of Rosatom Production System. We got an idea of how systemically to optimize the running of the clinic,’ says head of Novouralsk Healthcare Unit Andrei Morozov.

For one, a call center has already been set up at the clinic, and the self-check-in unit is about to get completed. The clinic will get fitted with an interactive announcement board, a set of navigation appliances, and an electronic waiting line. Additionally, a number of construction and assembly jobs will be required. The equipment is being upgraded as well.

Ural Electrochemical Combine also allocated RUR 20m to buy nine apartments for doctors arriving from other towns and cities of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

Families of skilled doctors from Berezovsky, Salda, Serov, and Bynga got keys to six new apartments on November 23. The other three apartments will be provided for young doctors arriving from Yekaterinburg after their graduation.

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