Mikheyevsky GOK Repairs Crushing Equipment

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, November 16, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s Mikheyevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (Mikheyevsky GOK) in Varnensky, Chelyabinsk Oblast, completed the repairs of its semi-autogenous grinding mill, the company press service reports.

‘We had to get one of the processing plant’s technological lines halted temporarily while the repairs were in progress, which meant our output dropped by 50% for the time being. However, our workers and our contractors proved highly professional, our industrial repair technologies proved very efficient, and our use of up-to-date stretching, aligning, and diagnostics equipment proved very useful, so the repair time was reduced from the standard 84 hours to only 64 hours,’ the press service says.

The repairs also involved cleaning the existing equipment, changing lubricants, and replacing old filters. The offloading basket, the loading basket’s lining, the heat exchange equipment, the backup lubricating oil pumps all got replaced or cleaned.

‘Timely repairs that get completed faster than usual resulted in 0.96 readiness coefficient for our mills in the nine months of the year. This is very good even by European standards,’ says Mikheyevsky GOK’s Deputy Planning & Operations Director Denis Nikulin.

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