EVRAZ ZSMK Launches New Rail-Making Technology

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 2, 2017. EVRAZ Holding’s West Siberian Integrated Metallurgical Works (ZSMK) developed a technology for making new rail varieties, some of which have no counterparts anywhere in the world at the moment, EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s corporate relations department reports.

‘The new DT400IK rails are an improved modification of DT370IK type and are meant for the more complicated sections of the railways; these rails proved 13% more wear-resistant than the general, all-purpose rail type. The new rails also proved stronger throughout the entire rolling surface and have a much better strength/flexibility ratio than the earlier versions,’ the department says.

DT400IK rails were designed for special operation conditions such as heavy-haul lines and short radius curves (radius of 650 meters or less). Such challenging railway sections are typical of the rail lines in the Urals, Eastern Siberia, Trans-Baykal territories, and the Far East. To make the production of such special-purpose rails possible, the plant had to come up with a new chemical compassion of rail steel, new thermal treatment mode, and new thermal and speed parameters for the rolling process.

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