KMEZ To Invest RUR 6m in Venting Upgrades

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 27, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant (KMEZ) is now busy retooling its gold refining department, the company press service reports.

‘Because of the security requirements set out for precious metal treatment and production, we cannot have any windows that can get opened for airing purposes. This is why the plant’s management decided to ensure good working conditions through a forced air ventilation system. The system will get introduced at the refined gold, refined silver, and gold and silver bullion production department,’ the press service says.

A special ancillary building was put up next to KMEZ’s gold refining department to house the ventilation system AIR NED (capacity: 40,000 m3/hour). The preparatory jobs to integrate the new system in the existing electrolysis shop infrastructure have by now been completed. The plant’s workers are about to start assembling the new equipment. None of these operations required any production stoppage.

KMEZ thus invests RUR 6m in the working conditions improvements. The system is expected to get launched before the end of the year.

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