Southwire to Supply New Copper Wire Equipment to KMEZ

28 September 2017 (14:22)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, September 28, 2017. A group of delegates from the U.S.-based company Southwire paid a visit to Russian Copper Company’s Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant (KMEZ) in Kyshtym, their visit was aimed to help the plant expand its copper wire production department’s output capacity, Russian Copper Company’s press service reports.

Southwire is now in charge of the basic engineering jobs and supplying the equipment necessary to get the old production department retooled. The American experts work together with the Russian designers, inspecting the department, deciding on the particular equipment units, and thinking of how to introduce new equipment into the existing production line. KMEZ engineers proved particularly interested in how the new sensor control panel (a replacement for the old button version) will get integrated into the system. The plant representatives wanted to make sure the panel is reliable and production impact-proof.

‘Our American partners are to provide all the drawings next week; these drawings will get adjusted in accordance with our proposals and feedback. We also agreed that the other party will be involved in the startup and commissioning jobs for the upgraded copper wire production line,’ says KMEZ Senior Technician Anton Shabalin.

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