MegaFon.TV Partners With START

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 12, 2017. Sverdlovsk Regionís residents will now be able to see new films and TV series episodes prior to their official release, MegaFonís press service reports.

This is now possible due to MegaFon.TVís partnership with START, a new Russian-language video service that caters to both TV and online viewersí needs.

Those who subscribe to the new package will be able to see the latest episodes of The Ivanovs-The Ivanovs a week before STS premiere and Besstydniki a week before its NTV release. Also, Gogol: The Beginning is available via the service as well, alongside a number of Russian TV series.

ĎOnline viewers can watch a film or an episode of their favorite show anywhere, any time, using their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. And now they can also be the first to do so, without having to wait for the TV broadcast. Our speedy mobile Internet connection (up to 300 Mb/sec) ensures comfortable viewing experience with no video stuck-ups,í says MegaFon Ural Mass Market Business Development Director Sergey Alferov.

MegaFon.TVís new subscribers can start with a seven-day free trial; then, you have to pay RUR 14 a day to use START via MegaFon.TV. Customers on MegaFonís Tune In! package can enjoy their film traffic free of charge.

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