FGC UES Coordinates Tactical Training in Western Siberia

26 September 2017 (16:05)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 26, 2017. Rosset’s Federal Grid Company Untied Energy Systems (FGC UES) coordinated special tactical training exercises in Western Siberia in order to drill one of the most challenging emergency scenarios: a metal support beam falling down and damaging 220-kilowatt electric mains. The news was reported by FGC UES’s PR & Media Group in Western Siberia.

It took the company’s power engineers three hours to handle the simulated emergency, which proved they are quite ready to handle any problems during fall and winter.

More than thirty people contributed to the simulated emergency rescue operations, including HQ officials, dispatchers from both the company and the Ministry of Emergencies’ units, and repair mechanics. Seven special-purpose, off-road vehicles (snow and swamp-going tractors, a low bed semitrailer, a crane, a team van, and a truck) were used in the rescue operations.

The rescuers detected the location of the problem and found the ‘broken beam’. They then assessed the seriousness of the problem and delivered all the necessary appliances from their emergency reserves onto the spot in order to fix everything.

Now in real-life situations, emergency-handing and rescue operations normally take around 72 hours (non-stop) to complete.

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