Russian Copper Company: Korkinskiy Mine Goes Into Liquidation

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, September 18, 2017. Russian Copper Company and Chelyabinsk Coal Company set up Promrekultivatsiya, a joint venture created to help Korkinskiy Coal Mine go into liquidation, Russian Copper Company’s press service reports.

50% of Promrekultivatsiya’s shares belong to Chelyabinsk Coal Company, the other 50% to Tominsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (the asset of Russian Copper Company Group). Nikolai Dzhemilev was appointed the JV’s director.

The goal is to liquidate Korkinskiy’s processed working material and fill the empty spaces with special filling produced at Tominsky; the material will get transported into the mine through special pulp-feed lines.

‘Spontaneous fires that we have to keep struggling with result in atmospheric pollution, while ongoing soil slip damages nearby housing and social infrastructure felicities. Russian Copper Company and Ural State Mining University came up with a technological solution that will help reinforce the edges of the mine and put an end to fires. The Korkinskiy Mine Project will also create jobs for the locals once no more coal is produced there,’ the press service says.

Over 120 new jobs will be created at Promrekultivatsiya alone, with another 150 people getting transferred to YuzhUralZoloto.

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