PNTZ Team Meets Governor of Sverdlovsk Region

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 29, 2017. Workers of ChTPZ Groupís Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) met with Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev on the plantís premises. More than two hundred employees and students on the Future of White Metallurgy Corporate Training Program attended the event, the Groupís press service reports.

ĎGovernor Kuivashev has been here many times and knows both our production process and our corporate philosophy (aka White Metallurgy) quite well. The companyís cooperation with Sverdlovsk Regionís authorities proved very fruitful in the last few years. We have been working on a number of joint projects, including the Future of White Metallurgy, and education project that is currently unique to Russia,í says ChTPZ Groupís shareholder and PNTZ Chair of the BOD Alexander Fedorov.

The Governor answered the workersí questions relating to Sverdlovsk Regionís economic growth, the governmentís support for businessesí employee training initiatives, and improvements in the localsí living standards.

ĎThe living standards in this industrial territory, pay increases, and social infrastructure development all depend on a strong industry, enhanced labor productivity, and successful development and upgrades of large enterprises such as this one. This is why we support and will keep supporting this company, promote its produce on new markets, and lobby the plantís interests everywhere. I am positive everything will work out fine, and weíll see considerable improvements in the areaís development and its social and financial stability,í Kuivashev said.

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