Yekaterinburg: Passage Mall Features Five-Meter Panorama

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 22, 2017. A five-meter-large panorama of Yekaterinburg’s snow-covered downtown is now on display next to Passage Shopping Mall entrance, Obschestvo Malysheva 73’s press service reports.

It took the local artist Sergey Kiyanitsa over six months to complete the work. The panorama features the city’s main square with a New Year’s Tree in the center, the town hall building, Lenin Avenue, and Central Department Store. It was Senator Arkadiy Chernetsky’s idea to place the painting on one of the centrally located buildings after he saw the work at Innoprom Exhibition in 2016.

‘There are plenty of artists out there who do small sketches and studies, but you can hardly find a monumental work with this city’s urban landscape. I wanted to create something of this kind that will have the city’s current mood in it. I was working on the painting during the winter holiday season, when people tend to think of wonders and miracles. My ambition was to portray the hustle and bustle of the busy streets filled with people and cars on their way to New Year’s shopping and bright with New Year’s lights. You can see the season’s excitement and the beautiful New Year’s Tree downtown,’ Kiyanitsa says.

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