EVRAZ Launches New Filtering Facilities at Coal Mines

8 August 2017 (14:23)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 8, 2017. EVRAZ Holding’s Raspadskaya Coal Company celebrates Russia’s Year of the Environment by launching some up-to-date water-filtering facilities at its Raspadskaya-Koksovaya Mine, EVRAZ Holding’s press service reports.

‘Environmental safety is our utmost priority,’ says Raspadskaya Coal Company’s Director-General Sergey Stepanov.

‘It is our responsibility to invest in environmental protection and to reduce the impact our coal-mining activity results in. This is why we put up advanced filtering facilities, recycle waste separately, and reclaim the affected land allotments. We intend to keep on investing in large-scale environmental projects in the future.’

The water at the mine now gets filtered with the help of an innovative air flotation method that proved highly efficient at Raspadskaya Coal Company’s other enterprises. First, the manufacturing water gets filtered in special tanks. It is then treated with chemical agents, and air flotation appliances are used to remove all traces of mineral products, iron, and other stuffs. Next, the flotation-filtered water gets transferred to final treatment filters. Finally, the water gets ultraviolet disinfection treatment and is used again for the company’s technological needs. The filtering facility processes up to 480 m3 of water ah hour, and the end water quality meets all the commercial fishing standards. The same methods and technologies have been used at the company’s Uskovskaya and Yerunakovskaya 8 Mines since 2015.

Raspadskaya Coal Company spent over 300m RUR to have the filtering appliances installed at all of its three mines.

EVRAZ Holding has been implementing its long-term water-filtering program in Siberia since 2012. The plan is to build and rebuild filtering facilities at all of the company’s member enterprises’ mines, utilities infrastructure, and office buildings. This year, the company intends to start renovating the filtering facilities at Raspadskaya Mine, Russia’s largest coal mine at the moment, and to go on designing filtering facilities for Raspadskiy, Alardinskaya, and Osinnikovskaya.

The project is estimated to require 1.5bn RUR in investments.

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