Yekaterinburg Presents EXPO 2025 Application in Astana

28 July 2017 (14:32)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 28, 2017. Delegates from the Mid-Urals are taking part in the international EXPO 2017 this August; the exhibition opened in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on June 10, Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

Talks will be held with the representatives of the Kazakhstan Government’s executive branch on investment, energy sector, and healthcare projects; some negotiations with governors of Karaganda Region, Kostanai Region, North Kazakhstan Region, Pavlodar Region, and Astana - Sverdlovsk Region’s primary business partners - will also take place.

The Russian pavilion at the exhibition will also feature Russia’s application to host EXPO 2025 in Yekaterinburg. A special Russia-Kazakhstan business forum/business contacts exchange and a conference on energy saving will be held there.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the opening of the 8th International Industrial Exhibition Innoprom 2017 that he supported Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev’s idea for Yekaterinburg to apply for the right to host EXPO 2025. According to Sverdlovsk Region’s Minister for International & Foreign Economic Relations Andrei Sobolev, the delegates’ trip to Astana is meant to address a number of issues.

‘Sverdlovsk Region and the Republic of Kazakhstan have been working on a number of business projects together. We intend to keep cooperating in the energy sector, machine-building industry, and healthcare and trade projects,’ he said.

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