New Workout Site Opens on UFU Campus

19 June 2017 (09:36)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 19, 2017. Malyshev 73 Society’s Dobrye Dela Charity Foundation sponsored a new workout site on Ural Federal University’s campus near students’ dorms.

According to the foundation’s press service, the workout site can now be found within the perimeter of Bolshakov St, Stepan Razin St, Furmanov St, and Chapayev St. The location was decided upon by the dorms’ residents themselves. Chair of UFU Student Council Aslag Kagiyev conducted a survey among the students and submitted the results to the Dobrye Dela Charity Foundation and Anton Shipulin’s fund. To encourage the young people to do sports, biathlon player Anton Shipulin and his champion friends presented some exercises at the opening ceremony. Athlete and Olympic champion Olesha Krasnomovets showed everyone how to do chin-ups, Anton Shipulin did some exercises with bars, and the European Athletics champion Dmitri Forshev tried out nearly all the sports appliances available on the site.

Dobrye Dela’s co-founder Igor Zavodovsky compared the new workout site on campus with last year’s Sports Victories Spot Project.

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