Yekaterinburg: Price of Door-Keeper Service Homes Down 4%

25 April 2017 (10:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 25, 2017. The average per-square-meter price of apartments in buildings with a doorkeeper service declined by 4% in the last six months, N1.RU reports.

The average asking price currently comes to 81,800 RUR per m2, whereas six months ago, the figure used to come to 85,100 RUR. At the same time, the average asking price on the existing home market is on the whole visibly lower and comes to 70,000 RUR per m2.

The number of apartments with a doorkeeper service currently on offer rose by 11% in the last six months.

The average asking price of such an apartment declined by 6%, from 6.04m RUR to 5.67m RUR. The supply is widest next to the city’s bus station, in VIZ, among the centrally located homes, and in the south-west of Yekaterinburg, where increasingly more homes are offered for sale.

‘Home owners keep pointing to the doorkeeper service as one of the advantages of their offer in their apartment ads. It could be that the increased supply in this market segment in the last six months has resulted in their declining prices,’ says N1.RU’s Head of Press Service Anastasia Grineva.

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