Russia: Building Industry’s CI Down 22%

UrBC, Moscow, March 31, 2017. The Russian building industry’s competitiveness index declined y 22% in the second half of 2016 compared with one year previously, the Building Industry Rating Agency’s (RASK) research findings indicate.

RASK has been carrying the CI figures since the year 2014. The index is based on data on the number of professional housing developers on the market, the number of government contracts, the availability of borrowed funds, the construction process dynamics, the number of companies going bust, the number of companies with no transparency policy, and other indicators. Starting from the first half of 2014, the country’s overall index has shrunk by 116 points so far.

Sverdlovsk Region came 11th in the rating of Russian federal constituencies (compared with the 10th position in the first half of 2015).

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