Yekaterinburg: Developer Meets Target Construction Figures in Akademicheskiy

29 December 2016 (14:55)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 29, 2016. The developer RSG-Akademicheskoye put up some 100,000 m2 of new housing in Yekaterinburg’s Akademicheskiy District, the company Director-General Viktor Kisselev said at a press conference.

‘We reached this year’s target output figures as early as November and sold 105,000 m2 worth of new housing since the start of the year. This year proved a little better than last one, so the target figures for the year 2017 will go up from 100,000 m2 to 105,000 m2. Sales are also expected to increase,’ Kisselev said.

According to Kisselev, the per-square-meter price of new housing might rise on Yekaterinburg market due to an upcoming increase in the price of building materials.

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