Guided Tours in Yekaterinburg’s Akademicheskiy District

30 November 2016 (14:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 30, 2016. Historic tours of local landmarks are available for Yekaterinburg residents and visitors to the city in Akademicheskiy District, RSG-Akademicheskoye’s press service reports.

The participants will be taken on a guided tour in the company of an experienced guide and themed travel expert Polina Ivanova.

‘Some of the city districts represent a perfect historic model of the way Yekaterinburg looked at a certain time period. VIZ, for example, is an old plant with a square, a church, a hospital, and workers’ log cabins. Uralmash, Elmash, and Khimmash have the industrial look of the early years of the Soviet five-year plans’ era; then there are ZhBI and Yugo-Zapad, the late Soviet residential areas with kindergartens, schools, and sports playgrounds, and their romantic, free-spirit aura of Komsomol construction sites. Back in the seventies, architects used to believe everyone would own a car very soon and would be able to get to work easily, so they set up autonomous districts away from central locations,’ Ivanova says.

According to Ivanova, the idea of what comfortable living environment is evolved alongside the development of construction technologies and the changing state ideology. During the tour, the guide will tell you about these developmental stages, the comfort standards at different points in time, and the modern living space requirements and how these are met in Akademicheskiy.

‘A Saturday tour is an educational trip back in time and a chance to learn about a new Yekaterinburg.’ You can sign up for the your at

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