Sverdlovsk Region Hotels Make 8.9% Less in 2015

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 17, 2016. According to Sverdlovskstat, local hotels made 8.9% less money in 2015 compared with the year 2014.

The hotels’ revenue was estimated at 4.3bn RUR, or 2,049.7 RUR per night, last year on average. The average duration of stay was 2.5 days.

All in all, there were 304 hotels, 35 furnished apartments (11.5% of all accommodation types), 18 halls of residence (5.9%), 4 resorts (1.3%), 3 motels (1%), and 4 other businesses (1.3%) operating in Sverdlovsk Region last year.

The number of hotel rooms went up by 1,169 in 2015 compared with one year earlier and came to 16,421.

40 hotels (16.7% of the overall number) got star-certified, with 3 hotels getting assigned five stars, 12 hotels getting four stars, 22 hotels getting three stars, and three hotels getting two stars.

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