Number of rooms in Sverdlovsk Region hotels drops by over 400 in 2013

18 June 2014 (09:12)

June 18, 2014. According to the data provided by the federal statistics agencies, 329 hotels and similar types of accommodation operated in Yekaterinburg in late 2013, Sverdlovskstat’s press service reports.

This number included 267 hotels (81.2% of all accommodation types), 43 furnished apartments (13.1%), 16 hostels (4.8%), 2 boarding houses (0.6%), and 1 other type of accommodation (0.3%). Small enterprises ran 170 hotels and similar types of accommodation (51.7%), enterprises other than small ones ran 91 hotels (27.6%), and sole traders ran 68 hotels (20.7%).

By the end of 2013, 41 hotels (15.4% of the total number of hotels in Sverdlovsk Region) were certified in accordance with the Hotel and Other Accommodation Types Classification System. Under this classification, four hotels were singled out as five-star ones, 12 hotels got four stars, 23 hotels got three stars, two hotels got two stars, and 226 hotels were not assigned a particular category.

The number of rooms in hotels and similar types of accommodation came to 8,573 by the end of 2013; the number of beds was 14,926. This is 410 beds fewer than in 2012. The median figures were 26 hotel rooms and 45 beds per hotel/furnished apartment/boarding house/hostel.

915,200 people stayed in local hotels and similar types of accommodation in 2013; this was 2,600 people more than in 2012. Revenues resulting from hotel services rose by 12.5% and amounted to 4.5bn RUR, or 2,078.3 RUR per night. On average, a guest spent 2.3 days in a hotel.

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