Yekaterinburg; Existing Home Prices Drop 8.7%

29 April 2016 (17:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 29, 2016. Yekaterinburg existing home prices have gone down by 2.5% since the start of the year (and by 8.7% compared with one year earlier), Ural Real Estate Chamber reports.

The average asking price came to 68,929 RUR per m2 on April 25, 2016. There are currently slightly over 10,200 apartments and 1,850 rooms in communal apartments for sale in the chamber’s database. It typically takes four and a half to five and a half months to make a sale.

Prices declined most noticeably for centrally located and remotest homes in the last four months (-2.9% to 3% on average). A downtown apartment now comes for 94,633 RUR per m2 rather than 97,560 RUR in early January, while a place in the city’s remotest locations can be had for 50,248 RUR per m2 (rather than 51,734 RUR four months earlier). As for the other parts of Yekaterinburg, housing prices declined by 2% to 2.2%, from 75,180 RUR down to 73,662 RUR per m2, from 65,028 RUR down to 63,753 RUR per m2, and down from 60,260 RUR to 58,916 RUR per m2 in the second, third, and fourth priciest districts, respectively.

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