Yekaterinburg communal housing market supply soars

10 February 2016 (13:23)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 10, 2016. The supply on Yekaterinburg communal housing market (rooms in communal apartments) soared by nearly 40% in the last two months, N1.RU and E1.Nedvizhimost report.

The number of rooms in communal apartments available for purchase came to 1,390 in November 2015 and to as much as 1,936 in late January 2016; the market supply reached its peak last December, when the 60% increase resulted in 2,282 rooms on offer.

According to the real estate portals, most of these rooms are located in communal apartments and some 35% are those located in dormitory-type accommodation. A room in Yekaterinburg can be bought for 1,117,000 RUR on average, and it takes about 3.5 months to make the sale. Renting a room will cost you 9,200 RUR a month on average.

Rooms in centrally located apartments and in those close to downtown (Center, VIZ, Avtovokzal, Yugo-Zapadny, Botanika) are the most expensive ones and are offered for over 1,200,000 RUR; the least expensive rooms (850,000 RUR) are located in the apartments in the remotest parts of the city (Ptitsefabrika, Istok, Rudny). Nearly 50% of the entire current market supply are rooms in Uralmash, Elmash, Vtorchermet, Pionersky, and Yugo-Zapadny.

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