1m migrant workers leave Russia

9 February 2016 (09:25)

UrBC, Moscow, February 9, 2016. The overall number of foreign workers employed in Russia decreased by 1m people by the end of 2015, Kommersant refers to the Federal Migration Service as stating.

The labor market analysts believe this has to do less with the devaluation of the ruble and more with shrinking job opportunities and dropping GDP. Olga Chudinovskikh from Population & Demographics Economy Lab at Moscow State University’s Department of Economics says the foreign worker outflow could have been much more drastic if ‘migrants, like most Russians, hadn’t hoped the national currency and the oil prices would recover soon.’

Nevertheless, this outflow back to the CIS member states could still be temporary.

‘These countries’ residents see Russia as their home territory where a living could be made, since there is almost no chance of that back in their countries of origin,’ says Viktor Mikhailov from the CIS Member States Institute’s Diasporas & Migration Department.

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