Mid-Urals less attractive for migrant workers, expert says

25 February 2015 (13:48)

February 25, 2015. Migrant workers are less interested in finding a job in Russia because of the devaluation of the ruble and stricter migration regulations, Farukh Mirzoyev, chairman of a Sverdlovsk Region-based NGO called Somon Tajik Culture Society, told UrBC.

According to Mirzoyev, the depreciation of the Russian currency is a negative factor.

‘It’s not all that simple, however. The economies of the CIS member states are tightly interwoven with that of Russia, so the Russian problems can’t help affecting the Central Asian republics: jobs and incomes are shrinking there, too,’ he explained.

The expert believes it’s too early to speak of a large-scale migrant workforce outflow just yet, since there is the seasonal factor at play as well: there are always fewer foreign workers in Russia in the winter.

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