Sverdlovsk Region faces shortage of flu medicines

4 February 2016 (09:41)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 4, 2016. Increasingly more people are facing the shortage of flu and common cold medicines, Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly Deputy Vyacheslav Vegner told UrBC.

‘We received complaints from Beloyarsky, Kamensk Uralsky, and small villages. Most of these come from people living in the more remote areas, who, sadly, are served last,’ Vegner said.

The official pointed to the local state-run enterprise Pharmacia, where a representative of the political party Spravedlivaya Rossiya Ilya Lobov works as Deputy Director-General. Vegner claims the company management is doing nothing to improve the drug market situation during this outbreak.

‘Apparently, they are more concerned with getting ready for the elections than with working on drugs. They are basically another version of our Capital Repairs Fund, run by another Spravedlivaya Rossiya representative Alexander Karavayev,’ Vegner said.

Now Sverdlovsk Region authorities actually claimed earlier than everything was in check to contain the epidemic. However, the number of flu patients keeps increasing.

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