Sverdlovsk Region: over 6,000 workers on down time

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 21, 2015. There were 6,045 workers on idle time in Sverdlovsk Region as of September 16, compared with 1,532 people on August 26, Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly Deputy Andrei Alshevskikh refers to Labor & Employment Department as stating.

The deputy’s Facebook status describes the current situation in Sosva, where 200 people are going to find themselves out of jobs.

‘The terrifying rumors proved true: Correctional Facility 18, one of the town’s two employers, is to be closed down, so nearly all of the staff (201 people out of 219) will have to go in November. In Sosva, every one it two people works in the penitentiary system,’ Alshevskikh says.

Alshevskikh claims officers from the non-departmental security services will also be made redundant in Yekaterinburg, Kamensk Uralsky, Nizhniy Tagil, Pervouralsk, and Serov.

‘190 people out of 890 will be made redundant in Yekaterinburg, and only two of them will be offered new positions within the system. 52 people out of 59 will have to go in Pervouralsk and 169 people out of 251 will be fired in Nizhniy Tagil. In Kamensk Uralsky, only 79 people out of 143 will retain their positions. I am not going to jump into conclusions and would like to gather more data first. Yet the feeling is that things have been going from bad to worse,’ the deputy says.

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