Electromachine holds improvement proposals contest

24 December 2015 (10:12)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 24, 2015. Electromachine (a member enterprise of Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation) coordinated an improvement proposals contest for this year among its workers.

According to the company press service, the employees’ improvement proposals are all part of the lean production system and the idea is to involve each and every worker in the production improvement process.

The company’s lean production committee considers applications on a monthly basis; 161 proposals were submitted this year, of which 99 were related to improvements in working conditions, 19 were related to improvements in the product quality, and 63 were related to production cost-cutting.

The improvement proposals system was introduced in August 2014; so far, the company workers have submitted 207 proposals relating to production improvements, with 162 of them getting implemented. The company paid the applicants 71,000 RUR for their ideas and saved 400,000 RUR in reduced costs.

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