Uralvagonzavod celebrates Machine-Builder’s Day

29 September 2015 (09:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 29, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant celebrated Machine-Builder’s Day recently. The leading Russian industry’s best workers took part in a solemn ceremony at I.V. Okunev Palace of Culture in Nizhniy Tagil, the company press service reports.

The plant’s Chief Engineer Yuri Shangin addressed the audience on behalf of the management:

‘Ours is a multi-industry enterprise, so a third of our workers celebrate Metallurgist’s Day, another third celebrate Railway Worker’s Day, and yet another third celebrate Tankman’s Day. However, we are also each and every one of us machine-builders, which makes us doubly strong. The machine-building industry is Russia’s most advanced and important one, we are this country’s shield, power, and development. I’d like to wish everyone to stay strong, energetic, and enthusiastic, so that this plant could prosper, perform, and contribute to the country’s development in the future just as it has been doing over the last seventy-nine years.’

Shangin presented thirteen selected workers company awards for their many years of hard work, their contribution to production process and product quality improvements, and for their impact on the company image and corporate culture. Also, fifty people were awarded Sverdlovsk Region Industry & Science Ministry certificates, twenty-one people were awarded Russia’s Industry & Science Ministry thank-you letters, and twenty-five people were awarded Russia’s Industry & Science Ministry honorary certificates. 101 workers received the Director-General’s honorary certificate and a 1,000-ruble premium. 61 workers received the plant’s trade union honorary certificates.

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